United States & Canadian Firefighters Golf Tournament

Tournament Guidelines

  1. The guidelines were set in 1963, in Montreal, by our founder Roger LaPierre. Official by-laws were developed in 2010 and are revised as needed at the annual executive board meeting and city representative meeting.

  2. Tournament guidelines can be updated by a majority vote of eligible city representatives at the official city representatives meeting (formerly called the Captain's Meeting) or by majority vote by the executive board. The executive board's decision will prevail.

  3. Host city chairperson must hold a city representative meeting, on the Sunday evening preceding the tournament.

  4. Tournament to be held approximately one week after Labor Day, when possible.

  5. Host city chairperson will provide the golf courses, food & beverages, hospitality room, award trophies and prizes, program booklet, and accommodations. Accommodations to include a minimum of three nights lodging. Any other nights are the responsibility of the individuals.

  6. Tournament is open to professional (career) firefighters and retired firefighters.

  7. Current formats are: 4 Man Team, Senior 4 Man Team, 2 Man Team (all ages), Individual, Senior Individual, Super Senior.

  8. Your city may enter as many teams as needed. Teams cannot switch players once the Tournament has begun.

  9. A city must have participated in the last three previous tournaments in order to be eligible to host this event.

  10. A city can only be eligible to accept the tournament, if they have not hosted it within the last (5) years. In order to host the tournament, a host proposal form must be complete with all of the information and details about the prospective location, including cost.

  11. Any city that is eligible to host will be given the event without the formal roll call. The city must submit a letter of intent stating the city's interest in hosting. The city must submit their request, at any time, from the end of the event up until close of the city representatives meeting the following year (full one year period). This can be done in person, via US mail, or e-mail. If more than one city submits a request, then their order of finish in the tournament will determine the host. Master teams will have preference over Senior Masters or mini players. The team would be announced and awarded the event in two years, at the awards banquet.

  12. If no city submits a request to host, than an official roll call will be held at the awards banquet. Cities that have never hosted, will be polled first by order of finish, followed by 4-man master teams, 4-man Senior master teams and finally by mini division players. Polled cities must meet our eligibility rules - as stated in our guidelines.

  13. If the roll call results in no city accepting the event, the executive board will take control of the tournament.

  14. It is the responsibility of this years host city chairperson to provide the host city chairperson for the following year with a complete mailing list and all pertinent information from their tournament.

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